Know the different types of lawyers

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Know the different types of lawyers

The legal profession is not one-dimensional. There are different types of lawyers who handle various issues. One of the most common types of lawyers are divorce lawyers. These lawyers represent either party and offer counsel and communication between the two parties. Divorce cases are very emotional and therefore a good divorce lawyer is able to carry out effective communication which will act as a bridge between the two parties who may not want to engage each other face to face. A favourable outcome is always desired by the spouses who are divorcing.

criminal-defense-lawyer-01The criminal defense lawyer represent one if they cannot afford an attorney. Getting representation in curt is a constitutional right that must be considered. This lawyer will carry out interviews with witnesses as they build a case. They argue on your case in a trial. They can negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf in court. They can offer you advice so that you do not slip up or avoid saying the wrong things.

Personal-Injury-Attorneys-in-South-FloridaA personal injury lawyer handles issues to with personal injury which cause harm to an individual as a result of negligence or carelessness or even abdication of legal responsibilities. Jhon Bales lawyer will help you in getting compensation for the damages that may have been caused especially physical harm. The lawyer will help you in filing a personal injury lawsuit and the formalities of gaining compensation. On the flipside an injury lawyer will defend you against claims of causing injury and harm to someone and will defend you against a lawsuit which claim that you injured someone.

Another common type f lawyer is an employment law attorney. In case things at the workplace are in breach of the law, this lawyer is able to handle that. Issues at the workplace such as harassment, with sexual harassment being top among the cases, discrimination at the workplace based on grounds of disability, race, gender and any other differences and violations of labor laws fall within the duties of this lawyer. If you have issues such as wrongful termination of your contract, an employment law attorney is on hand to represent you or give you legal protection to avoid victimization.

An intellectual property layer is among the most common types of lawyers. These lawyers handle issues to do with individuals aggrieved by infringement of their copyright, trademarks patents and intellectual property. They step in when there is a dispute over intellectual property where one has plagiarized or used someone’s trademark without permission.

Policewoman checking paperwork of man in convertible

Policewoman checking paperwork of man in convertible

A traffic lawyer helps to defend you in traffic disputes. When accidents happen or traffic offences, they are on hand to help you avoid hefty fines and imprisonment. A tax attorney comes in handy when you have challenges with your business concerning business or personal income tax. Many a businessman have faced challenges where they are accused of tax evasion and fraud. Such charges are serious charges which could cripple your business. A lawyer will argue your case in limiting your tax liability and minimises the amount you have to pay in taxes. A seasoned tax lawyer can speak to the relevant tax authorities on your behalf with a desired outcome.

A custody lawyer is very common as they settle disputes to do with custody of children. These cases are usually very fiery and emotional and you will need an accomplished lawyer to win you custody of your child and children.

These are just some of the most common types of lawyers who perform different tasks. It will help if you distinguished which attorney is able to handle your specific kind of case and they will be of big help.

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